My Services
   - To guide my clients in finding solutions to their problems, as well as in developing coping skills to re-establish balance while facing challenges.
   - In the context of a warm, positive and respectful relationship,  to provide scientifically-based interventions to better serve my clients. 
   - With a strong base in Coaching, Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), help my clients develop the necessary motivation and confidence to actively address personal issues.
   - To boost my clients’ efforts to reach their potential as human beings, and assist them in creating a coherent and integrated sense of who they are in order to live and enjoy life.
What I can help you with...
My specialties
I consider the following my areas of expertise because I have received extensive training and gathered significant field experience.
Treatment for Depression and Anxiety
Believe it or not, these are the most common illnesses in US today.  Yet, most people regard it as a "bad phase" or "weak character" instead of treating them as illnesses....
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Relationship, Couple and Family Counseling
At some point in the relationship, most couples encounter issues that shake their feelings for each other.
Most common issues include communication problems....
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Life Coaching
Whatever you want to change in life, the process is the same. Life coaching is a process which could be long- or short-term, and it is based on a dynamic discipline designed to help....
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Addiction Counseling and Recovery
If anything can destroy a person´s life and family, is addiction! Anyone may develop addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, sex and pornography, gambling, relationships, food, shopping....
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Grief and Loss Counseling
Life is not never-ending, and therefore loss is inevitable. From loss of a loved one, to loss associated with changes in life circumstances, grief will surely hit every one of us....
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Parenting and Adolescence
I often say to parents - "children do not come with instructions!" And yet, I consider parenting one of the most challenging aspects of my life....
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