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Psychological & Coaching Services 
My name is Guillermo Gabarain. I am originally from San Sebastian (Spain), but I have lived half of my life in the USA, between the San Francisco Bay Area and Miami. I currently live in downtown Miami (Brickell Area), where I moved with my family, work at Florida International University (FIU) and have my private practice as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Addictions Professional.

From an early age, one of my main interests was to understand the inner workings of our personalities, what motivates us to do and be who we are, and the challenges and difficulties that can shape and at times disrupt our lives. Luckily, I was able to turn this interest into my vocation and professional career, which has given me a great deal of challenges but also many rewards.
Personally, I have come to believe that who we are is constantly evolving and intrinsically related to what we value and believe to be important at any given time. My core values, what I consider to be essential in my life, include my family and interpersonal relationships, as they provide security, love and opportunities for personal growth and unconditional giving.

Another of my core personal values is "adventure". As a life long nomad and migrant, the experience of taking on new risks, challenges and learnings gives me ongoing and renewed vitality. Philanthropy, or the art of compassionate giving, drives my vocation and gives so much sense to what I do. Guiding my clients and being present to their processes of change and healing has really become a great motivation for me.  Lastly, I strive for excellence and always do my best because I need to feel content with what I do in all respects, knowing that the desired results are not always completely in my hands.  

With this summary, I hope to provide an overview of who I am, my values, my motivations and
what makes me feel passionate and alive.
Psychotherapy and Life Coaching Services
My Professional Philosophy...
   - To guide my clients in finding solutions to their problems, as well as in developing coping skills to re-establish balance while facing challenges.

   - In the context of a warm, positive and respectful relationship,  to provide scientifically-based interventions to better serve my clients. 

   - With a strong base in Coaching, Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), help my clients develop the necessary motivation and confidence to actively address personal issues.

   - To boost my clients’ efforts to reach their potential as human beings, and assist them in creating a coherent and integrated sense of who they are in order to live and enjoy life.
What I can help you with...

Treatment of Depression and Anxiety

At times, feeling worried or depressed is normal.  These feelings can be normal reactions to life difficulties, but when these feelings persist day after day for a long period of time,  normal functioning and performance can  be hindered.
Losing a loved one, changes in employment or status, breakups and divorces, or other difficult circumstances can provoke negative and intense feelings of unhappiness, fear, isolation, or worry.

Signs of Depression include difficulty finding enjoyment, meaning and purpose in life, insomnia or excessive sleep, feeling tired most of the time, loss of appetite or overeating,  concentration or memory issues,  feeling alienated from friends or family, loneliness,  trying to avoid the outside world as much as possible;, or engaging in self-medication or other behaviors to cope with the pain of living. 

Signs of Anxiety include intense fear, terror, panic or dread which leave you feeling physically and emotionally drained. It also can appear as episodes of distressing or debilitating symptoms including, tightness in the chest, racing heart, difficulty breathing, trembling hands or limbs, racing thoughts or being in a mental fog, or feeling detached from your body. 

Life and Professional Coaching

Whatever you want to change in life, the process is the same. Life coaching is a process which could be long- or short-term, and it is based on a dynamic discipline designed to help motivate and inspire you to achieve more than you believe is possible.

Coaching will guide you embark on a  process, in which together we discover what matters most to you, what are the obstacles in your way, and we draw a personalized achievement plan to help you succeed.
Most importantly, I hold you accountable for taking aligned action to stay on track. Do you want to learn more about Life Coaching?

Addiction Counseling and Recovery

If anything can destroy a person´s life and family, that's addiction!
Anyone may develop addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, sex and pornography, gambling, relationships, food, shopping, video games, the internet and social media.
Yet, too many times people do not recognize the problem until catastrophic consequences take place and/or family intervenes.
Addictions change a person’s brain in multiple ways, eroding the capacity to regain control.   Jobs and loved ones are lost, life goals are neglected, and relationships are sabotaged or shattered.
During more than 10 years working in Detox and Rehab Programs -while understanding my own addictive personality - I have witnessed incredible stories of achievement and success.
Entering the most appropriate treatment can be a live saver. A Comprehensive Assessment can resolve many doubts about motivation, mental health issues, stage in the addiction process and best treatment option.

Grief and Loss Counseling

Loss is part of life, and grief is the natural adjustment reaction.The loss of a loved one, to losses associated with changes in life circumstances, grief will surely hit every one of us.
Family and friends provide the emotional nourishment, safety and security from our early connections to our new relationships, so the loss can create a huge emptiness.
Loss can be experienced differently, and so is our process of grieving.
Grief can emerge as sadness, anger, fear, confusion, mental drainage, loneliness, and feelings of emptiness and abandonment.   The loss may be so painful that it feels like your heart has been ripped to pieces. 
The process of grieving can be short-lived for some, while prolonged and difficult for others. Grief Counseling can help you share the weight of pain and hurt, which often feels unbearable, but necessary to adjust and let go.
I can accompany you through your grief process, from accepting and understanding the loss, to wrapping the memories in a special place so you can go on with your life, and yet go back to them whenever you wish to.

Relationship, Couple and Family Counseling

At some point in the relationship, most couples encounter issues that shake their feelings for each other. Most common issues include communication problems, loss of intimacy, unfaithfulness, stress and challenging decisions, to name a few.
Couple´s Counseling can help you explore these issues, develop the skills to solve them and revitalize the relationship. Couple´s Counseling can also be a great tool to work on your relationship, develop increased awareness and reach greater fulfillment, which will make you much more resilient to future changes.

My practice is based on The Gottman Method. The Gottman Method has been developed for the past 40 years through extensive research and practice, and has been demonstrated to help couples learn the components of healthy relationships and the skills necessary to maintain long-lasting trust and love.

Parenting And the Adolescent

I often say to parents - "children do not come with instructions!" And yet, I consider parenting one of the most challenging aspects of my life. Parenting is a complex journey, perhaps now more than ever.
Adolescence in particular, seems to be the most dreaded phase as we often associated it with increased conflict, emotional rollercoaster, responsibility (or lack of!), defiance and rebelliousness, sex, drugs... in other words, the difficult age!
Family Counseling, which integrates Coaching Parenting Skills and Adolescence Counseling can help you develop healthy relationships within your family and help your adolescent mature and develop through this tumultuous process.

Let me tell you about me....
I am a trained Counseling Psychotherapist and Life Coach with 20 years of experience. I earned a Bachelor´s Degree in Clinical Psychology from SJSU (California) and Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University in 2000. In addition, I count with extesive training in Coaching, Crisis Prevention & Intervention, Addictions, Parenting and Neonatology, .
During my training in California, I specialized in mental health issues (such as psychotic, mood, adjustment, anxiety, impulse control and personality disorders), and carried scientific research  in the area of multicultural counseling, as I actively advocated for health issues among minorities and immigrants. Recognizing the importance of family and culture, I completed training on systemic approaches as well as coaching clients (and their families) on communication, parenting and interpersonal skills.

Upon completing my training, I moved back to Spain in 2001 where I licensed as Clinical Psychologist.   For a period of ten years, I specialized in substance abuse issues and Dual Diagnosis, serving as clinician and supervisor of several programs (Ultra-Rapid Opioid Detoxification, Multidisciplinary Relapse Prevention). I have helped many people in their efforts to overcome addiction to a wide range of substances, including alcohol, cannabis, opioids, benzodiazepines, and cocaine and other stimulants. I have mentored and supervised psychology interns, provided professional lectures in several universities and professional symposiums, and have appeared on TV and radio programs.

In 2007, I established my own private practice for the first time. One of the biggest learning experiences was to develop and implement a Comprehensive Counseling Program within a Neonatology Department serving parents and caregivers of extremely premature (+24 weeks) and very ill newborns. This pioneer counseling program in Spain, assisted many couples through this arduous and painful process, including, often times, the loss of stillbirth or death of a baby.

In 2012, I migrated back to the United States with my family.  One more adventure to grant my own children the same opportunities I have enjoyed living abroad, learn and new language and culture, and experience the rich diversity and possibilities that Miami had to offer. During this period of 6 years, I was licensed to practice in the State of Florida, and collaborate in diffferent projects such as my work as Clinical Psychotherapist at Florida International University (FIU), and in private practice.
"I had the pleasure to work with Guillermo at Gardner Family Care Corporation. Guillermo is a skilled mental health clinician with many years of experience working with high risk families. He provided excellent cultural competent mental health services to underserved individuals and their families. Guillermo brought to his work his own personal experience as an immigrant to the United States. His bilingual and bicultural skills were also invaluable. Guillermo is very professional, dedicated, accountable, a team player and well liked by others. Guillermo demonstrated professionalism and strong leadership skills. During the time I worked with Guillermo, he was highly respected by his peers and the administrators."

Ana Lilia de Leon Gonzalez, LCSW
"Guillermo was a valued Supervisor. He was always available to assist patients with their mental health needs, and went out of his way to research any conditions that would help him treat our patient population. What amazed me the most was how some patients at first resisted the idea of psychotherapy, but then we're very sad to see him leave! He is missed."

Steven Santiago, Chief Medical Officer
I had the fortune to meet Guillermo at Care Resource (CR) in 2013 and we worked closely together as the two managers in charge of Prevention programs involving HIV testing, outreach, and behavioral interventions. Guillermo is a very approachable, realistic, goal-driven, persistent, and ethical leader. His communication style is direct, efficient, non-judgmental, and people (clients as well as coworkers) felt comfortable going to him for guidance which quickly made him a very popular and busy man within his initial couple of months at CR.
 Guillermo is a team player who always volunteers his help even when not requested. He is patient, intelligent, with a natural ability to adapt to changing environments and shifting priorities. I fully recommend him not only as an accomplished professional in the psychosocial field, but also as a man with great morals and a big heart!

Didier Ronald Ledain, MBA