Treatment of Depression and Anxiety
At times, feeling worried or depressed is normal.  These feelings can be normal reactions to life difficulties, but when these feelings persist day after day for a long period of time can hinder normal functioning and performance.

Losing a loved one, changes in employment or status, breakups and divorces, or other difficult circumstances can provoke negative and intense feelings of unhappiness, fear, isolation, or worry. 

Signs of Depression include difficulty finding enjoyment, meaning and purpose in life; needing to sleep for long periods of time, or having great difficulty with sleep; overeating or having loss of appetite; having difficulty concentrating or remembering things;  feeling alone or alienated from friends or family;  trying to avoid the outside world as much as possible; and engaging in self-medication or other behaviors to cope with the pain of living. 

Signs of Anxiety include intense fear, terror, panic or dread which leave you feeling physically and emotionally drained to the point where even regular activities may seem unbearable. It also can appear as episodes of distressing or debilitating symptoms including, but not limited to, tightness in the chest, racing heart, difficulty breathing, trembling hands or limbs, racing thoughts or being in a mental fog, or feeling detached from your body. 

With a comprehensive treatment, which can include psychotherapy, medication or both, these illnesses are completely treatable. I understand taking the first step is very hard. If you have any questions, please call me and I will help you make the most appropriate decision with no compromise.

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