Guillermo Gabarain, LMFT, CAP
psychology - Coaching
   - To guide my clients in finding solutions to their problems, as well as in developing coping skills to re-establish balance while facing challenges.
   - In the context of a warm, positive and respectful relationship,  to provide scientifically-based interventions to better serve my clients. 
   - With a strong base in Coaching, Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), help my clients develop the necessary motivation and confidence to actively address personal issues.
   - To boost my clients’ efforts to reach their potential as human beings, and assist them in creating a coherent and integrated sense of who they are in order to live and enjoy life.
What I can help you with
My specialties
I consider the following my areas of expertise because I have received extensive training and gathered significant field experience.
  1. Managing Director
    Whatever you want to change in life, the process is the same. Coaching will help you navigate through this process. Together we will discover what matters most to you, what are the obstacles in your way, and we will draw a personalized achievement plan to help you succeed. Most importantly, I will hold you accountable for taking the actions necessary to stay on track. Do you want to learn more about Life Coaching?
  2. Managing Director
    At some point in their relationship, most couples encounter issues that bring into question their feelings for each other. The most common issues include communication problems, loss of intimacy, unfaithfulness, stress, and challenging decisions to name a few. Couple Counseling can help you explore these issues as a couple, develop the skills to solve them and revitalize the relationship. Couple Counseling can also be a great tool to work on your relationship, develop increased awareness and reach greater fulfillment, which will make you much more resilient to future challenges.
  3. Managing Director
    If anything can destroy a person´s life and family, it is addiction! And too often, a person does not recognize the problem until catastrophic consequences take place and/or the family intervenes. For more than 10 years working in Detox and Rehab Programs (while understanding my own addictive personality) I have witnessed incredible stories of achievement and success. Entering the most appropriate treatment can be a live saver. A Comprehensive Assessment can clarify many doubts about motivation, mental health issues, stage in the addiction process and the best treatment options.
  4. Managing Director
    I often joke that children don´t come with instructions! I consider parenting one of the most challenging aspects of my own life. Adolescence seems to be the most dreaded phase as we often associate it with increased conflict, emotional rollercoasters, lack of responsibility, defiance, drugs... in other words, a difficult age! Family Counseling, which integrates Parenting Skills Coaching and Adolescence Counseling can help you develop healthy relationships within your family and help your adolescent mature and develop through this tumultuous stage.
  5. Managing Director
    Believe it or not, these are the most common illnesses in the US today! Yet most people regard it as a "going through a bad phase" or "having a weak character" instead of treating them as an illness. With comprehensive treatment, which can include Psychotherapy and/or Medication, these illnesses are completely treatable. I understand that taking the first step is very difficult. If you have any questions, please call me and I will be happy to help you make the decision that works best for you with no compromise!
  6. Managing Director
    Life does not last forever, and therefore loss is inevitable. From the loss of a loved one, to the loss of material belongings, grief will surely hit everyone at some point. Grief Counseling can help you with the burden of pain and hurt, which is necessary to share before you can adapt, let go and move on. I can accompany you throughout your grief process, from accepting and understanding the loss, to storing the memories in a special place so you can go on with your life, and yet go back to them whenever you wish to.

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